Reconstruction and Bone Grafting

When is Bone Grafting required?

One of today’s dental miracles is our ability to “grow” bone where needed. This often becomes necessary when one or more teeth have been missing for a period of time, either from an injury, gum disease or previous extraction. Often the jawbone atrophies and deteriorates where teeth are missing. This reduces the quality and quantity of bone and makes placement of dental implants impossible.

Bone grafting and regeneration

Where possible, we use either synthetic bone or we remove bone from elsewhere in your jaw and place it at the implant site. In guided bone regeneration or guided tissue regeneration, we use high-tech membranes that protect the bone graft, encourage bone regeneration, and dissolve under the gum. Bone grafting allows us to replace missing bone structure, and to place implants of the ideal length and width. Not only do your teeth work properly, you look better, too!