Composite Resin Bonding

(tooth-colored fillings, a.k.a. “composites” or white fillings)

Treatment Options:

Do you still have “silver” or “black” fillings you’d like replaced with tooth colored material? It’s certainly possible, but the proper treatment will depend on the size of the filling. Smaller “silver” fillings can be usually replaced with composite (white) filling material.

Bonding using tooth-colored filling material can also fix dental abnormalities and improve the look of your smile. Sometimes bonding can be accomplished in a single visit, and in some cases even without an anesthetic.


Composites can be used:

  • to replace older metal fillings
  • to hide stained areas without removing healthy teeth
  • to correct irregular tooth shapes without requiring a more extensive veneer or crown
  • to add mass to work teeth and close spaces between teeth
  • to cover the front surface of a tooth (called a “composite veneer”)
  • To treat Cavities
  • To reduce sensitivity on individual teeth