Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic (also known as “aesthetic”) dentistry holds the keys to a gorgeous smile! And we all know how important a smile is when making a first impression. Capistrano Dental can help improve your smile in many ways, from simple tooth whitening to full makeovers. We offer a free cosmetic evaluation, including a LumiSmile.

As one of the few providers of Lumineers within a 15-mile radius, we offer free Lumismile evaluations as well. We take a “before” picture, conduct the exam, and send your picture to Lumineers. They send it back showing your smile makeover! Lumineers can be used in some instances as an alternative to braces.

Contact us now for a free consultation and please, continue your exploration of our website. We look forward to hearing from you.

Cosmetic Dentistry Videos

Cosmetic Dentistry VideosCosmetic Dentist VideosCosmetic Dentists Videos